Your reliable recruitment experts

We are your reliable recruitment experts in the intellectual property sector and well known in the market for our consistent high quality service.

Our core skill is the expeditious finding of the IP-professional who has the right expertise and personality for you.

Our profound industry focus means that we have the necessary technical and specialist background knowledge and are most able to assess the special demands made on jobholders, both in industry and in the legal segment.

Ihre zuverlässigen Recruitingexperten
Our highly satisfied clients confirm the long-term success of our work.

We combine professional expertise,
years of industry experience and the best network of contacts for our clients.

Your benefits

We foster good relationships and are closely involved with our clients in an intensive, discreet communication process.

Because of our reputation as a confidential intermediary, both sides of the market provide us with information which is important to the other. We create a win-win situation out of this trust when providing services to both parties in placing personnel: on the one hand the attainment of your business enterprise’s goals and on the other the development of the IP-professional’s career.

Take advantage of our approach and years of experience in direct recruitment. We work on a success fee basis.

Our references are excellent.

  • Recourse to our extensive pool of candidates means less time spent on searching
  • Advantage is made of the effects of synergy
  • Vacant positions are filled faster and by persons who are a better match
  • Qualified, motivated personnel in your business enterprise
  • Fair terms and conditions

Our highly satisfied clients
confirm the long-term success of our work.