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Our success is founded upon our extensive network of personal contacts, consistent discretion and the sensitive handling of client information from both sides of the marketplace. By this means we are able to place a considerable number of qualified personnel in the patent world. Our clients include prestigious companies and high calibre professionals of all career levels.

We act professionally and transparently and only pass on information with our clients’ consent. Because our sole interest is our clients’ lasting success, the IP-community values our confidential approach.

Vertrauensintermediaer zwischen Kandidaten und Unternehmen/Kanzleien
swob acts as the confidential intermediary between the candidate and the business enterprise/legal office.

Your feedback and successes strengthen our ambition.


swob – personnel consultancy was founded in 2001 by Stefan Abel and offers specialist recruitment services for the intellectual property sector and empathetic careers advice.
We guarantee our clients a high quality service as well as the servicing strengths of a small, effective unit.
The brothers Markus and Stefan Abel are industry experts, valued innovators and career advisors.
In short: your IP personnel consultants who put heart, soul, energy and enthusiasm into their work.

Stefan Abel

Dipl. Soz.

Founder and DirectorGerman Division

+49 6657 9141988stefan.abel@swob-online.de

Markus Abel

Dipl. Kfm.

Senior ConsultantGerman division and
international specialist

+49 6657 9141989markus.abel@swob-online.de

You are the experts in intellectual property – the key asset for business enterprise.
Looking after you makes our work interesting and exciting.

We offer…

Together we discuss paths and establish prospects.

Bespoke placement of candidates

swob specializes in the bespoke placement of patent lawyers, IP-professionals and entire divisions both in Germany and overseas. As market and industry experts, we are familiar with the finer points of your profession.
Our knowledge of relevant positions and job profiles, good contacts with qualified personnel and a feel for individuals and teams enable us to succeed in delivering a win-win situation.

Empathetic careers advice

swob takes your personal concerns and desire for change seriously. We guarantee you will receive individual, empathetic career advice and support. In face-to-face consultations, we understand how to put ourselves in your position. Together we find the best way to optimise your long-term “market value” and employability whilst considering your work-life-balance.

Network of IP-industry contacts

Years of developing valuable contacts (with business enterprises, legal offices and IP-professionals) and the resultant trust our intellectual property clients place in us, lie at the core of our success.

Forward thinking advice

During placement projects we always try to think one step ahead. We consider how the market on the one hand, and the potential candidate on the other, are developing. This is the only way to help you find the most perfect match possible and to achieve satisfaction for all sides.

We support you by connecting you in the IP segment.

Mission Statement

People are creative – they have an inherent and perpetual ambition to innovate.

This indomitable force stimulates the markets throughout the world and provides for lively competition. Innovators the world over are racing for first place. This rapid technical progress is the challenge for our valued clients and is therefore also our challenge.

We consider that we owe it to our clients to meet high ethical standards in the course of our work. Over the last fifteen years this has helped us to gain your trust.

We work on the basis of open dialogue with you; we offer you transparency and handle your affairs with the utmost discretion.

Our fundamental principles and approach include a concept of humanity based on Christian values, open-mindedness and mutual respect.


Our core skill is the expeditious finding of the IP-professional who has the right expertise and personality for you.
Our profound industry focus means that we have the necessary technical and specialist background knowledge and are most able to assess the special demands made on jobholders, both in industry and in the legal segment.

Our highly satisfied clients confirm the long-term success of our work.


Get an overview of the job market.

We can provide you with offers from the hidden job market and our research means that you gain the leading advantage from exclusive knowledge.

Your trust is our greatest asset.