Empathetic careers advice

Together and in confidence we will provide empathetic advice throughout all phases of your application process and discuss your position and development objectives. We allow plenty of time for personal meetings in order to clarify your expectation s of the future position.
Together, we discuss possible options and find the best career step. In doing so we consider market developments, your skills and how you would like to develop. Alongside your work-life balance we keep your long-term “market-value” and employability in view.

Empathische Karriereberatung
We offer empathetic careers advice and repositioning

Your trust is our greatest asset.

Your benefits

To satisfy the trust you place in us, we handle your information and data with great care. We only act after prior consultation with you and with your express approval. If you wish you can use us as an intermediary and therefore remain completely concealed.

We are industry experts and place people in Germany and overseas

We have many years of experience, personal contacts and above all, as established industry experts, we are fully conversant with the subtleties of your profession.

We can provide you with offers from the hidden job market and our research means that you gain the leading advantage from exclusive knowledge.

You can leave it to us: our portfolio of clients includes renowned patent agents and lawyers offices, international law-firms and industrial enterprises.


Visit our vacancies

  • gain an overview of the market
  • all vacant jobs are not publicly advertised
  • profit from our industry expertise
  • our knowledge-pool means an efficient search for positions
  • we can point out many alternative option
  • by using us as an intermediary, you can take action whilst remaining concealed

Your satisfaction is our success. Recommend us to others.

  • Is your profession industrial and intellectual property rights?
  •  Are you a German or European patent attorney, US patent attorney, UK patent attorney, IP-professional or patent paralegal?
  • Are you thinking about a change in relation to your work?